Vision Statement

To provide all children and young adults with special needs opportunities to participate in the most innovative and unique social and recreational programs in an atmosphere of acceptance that embraces the child and family.

Mission Statement

Aaron’s Acres provides individuals with special needs ages 5-21 year-round therapeutically based age-appropriate recreational programs directed by specially trained and certified staff in a supportive environment that enhances socialization and communication skills. Emotional, educational, and recreational support is offered for the entire family.

A True Understanding – Risa Paskoff – Executive Director

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Risa PaskoffExecutive Director
“For a child who has special needs, sending a child to camp is not easy. The parents and the children face challenges and concerns throughout the process. For a child who has medical needs, the parent must make sure that a nurse is available. For a child who has behavioral issues, the parent must make sure that the staff is trained appropriately and is able to follow required reinforcement schedules (which might be needed every 5 minutes!). Consistency and schedule-oriented sessions are essential for many children who have developmental disabilities. For the child who has physical and motor difficulties, the staff needs to be trained and knowledgeable in lifting the child, transporting the child and making sure that at all times the child is comfortable and safe. Who could have known when we first began in 1998 with 11 children and 1 week of camp in Lancaster that it would turn into what it is today! So, one may ask, what is Aaron’s Acres all about and why is it so special? Aaron’s Acres is about connecting with children of all different abilities and their families. Aaron’s Acres focuses on the entire family throughout the year in that we provide various programs and activities to all of the members of the families.

Aaron’s Acres is about partnering with people of all ages and experiences. One parent said it best when she said, “Aaron’s Acres – what a wonderful place! Camp has enriched our lives in so many ways. Cordell has grown so much especially in his transitioning from one thing to another. It has carried over to home and school. He has gotten to experience so many different things to broaden his social skills and temperament. For me…it’s the people and the families we get to share with and give support to. It strengthens our own lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. Come and join the Aaron’s Acres family in a way that is meaningful to you. I look forward to having you become a part of the Aaron’s Acres experience!”

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