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Parent Testimonials

“The camp is the one place both of my boys feel they can be themselves. My oldest comes back to the car and is talking (which he normally doesn’t) about people he met. He looks happy and more than anything he isn’t begging to get back into his virtual reality world where he spends hours each day. My youngest is able to focus on other children and not so much on getting what he wants or what is too overwhelming for him.  Each year they attend camp they thrive and reach new goals.  During the year both boys constantly ask when they can go back.  It doesn’t matter how far away camp is, we will continue to make it our summer tradition. Saying the staff is amazing doesn’t quite seem like enough praise. Aaron’s Acres the staff and families always feels like extended family. Each year no matter what session you are at you will find parents that you met from years past and each year you as a parent will meet new parents. The camp is a unique experience where every disability though it may seem big or small is able to thrive. I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude to all of you.”

“This camp is amazing!! Thank you so much for providing our family a place to safely leave our son and know that he will be loved and his needs will be met. Thank you so so so much!!”