Aaron’s Acres Endowment Fund

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Aaron’s Acres is thrilled to announce the establishment of an Endowment Fund which will create a lasting legacy while benefiting generations of children with special needs and their families for years to come. Some of the many benefits to the Aaron’s Acres’ Endowment Fund include:

1) Allowing individuals to fulfill their own personal philanthropic goals while supporting the needs and mission of Aaron’s Acres.
2) Allowing donors to leave a personal lasting legacy.
3) Planning long-term stability, fiscal responsibility & financial viability.
4) Provides independence from economic, government & political forces.
5) Perpetuates donor’s values and priorities and assures them that programs that are important to them will survive.
6) Provides a gift that keeps on giving well into the future.

It is the hope of the Board and Staff at Aaron’s Acres that our supporters will help us grow the endowment so that we can continue to do more in the future for children and young adults with developmental disabilities and their families.