Aaron’s Acres Dream Makers

We recently invited a select group of more than 50 people to become part of our “Dream Makers”. This group will decide what projects will be funded and supported at Aaron’s Acres for 2018 Summer Camp. Please click here to learn more!

Description of Projects:
(The Dream Makers will vote on which project they wish to fund in September).

Camper Scholarships
All children, ages 5-21, with disabilities and abilities, should have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities with their peers, separate and apart from a school setting.  Families should be able to send their children to these programs, regardless of their ability to afford these fees. When a family is raising a child with challenges, there are many costs that are incurred which then might limit their ability to pay for these types of activities.  Camper Scholarships allow families who have financial limitations to send their children to our programs without adding more stress to their lives.  Camp fees are based on each child’s needs.  If a child requires 1:1 staff to child ratio, the cost is higher than for the child who needs 1:2 staff to child ratio.  For example, for the summer of 2017, costs vary for full day programs from $1366.40 -$1738.80 per child.  It is our hope to build our Scholarship Fund in order to remain true to our commitment of accepting all families, regardless of their financial limitations.

Camp Yearbook
Having an Aaron’s Acres yearbook provides each child with lasting memories of what he/she did at camp! The campers can show family and friends pictures of themselves in the pool, riding a horse or participating in music therapy.  The yearbook gives the child with special needs a “picture” of his/her accomplishments similar to his/her “typical” sibling who has photos from his/her various sports and school clubs.  At the present time, each child creates a memory book at the end of his/her time at camp, however, these pictures are glued onto construction paper;  feedback from parents is that the book doesn’t last that long based on them looking through the pictures on a constant basis.  We would love to be able to give each child his/her own yearbook that is filled with pictures but can also withstand constant use! Our goal would be to send out these yearbooks in the beginning of the New Year when we officially begin our Camp registration for that summer.  In this way, we create excitement and reinforce an ongoing connection with the families and the staff who participated in Aaron’s Acres that previous summer.  Funds would cover the cost of the yearbook as well as the cost of mailing one to every family.

Family Fun Days 4x year
Many of our families feel separate and apart from the general community. They express discomfort in having their child “stand out” at community events and often don’t attend the “typical” outings in which other families partake.  Aaron’s Acres would like to plan and organize 4 outings/year inviting families to attend a Barnstormers game, go bowling, go to Dutch Wonderland or Skyzone and experience what so many of us take for granted. By organizing all of the plans and by paying for the outing, families can participate without any added stressors.  Aaron’s Acres’ staff would be in attendance to coordinate and assist all logistics for each event.  In this way, families raising children of all abilities can do what everyone else does and know that their child will fit in just fine! Funds would cover the cost of the 4 outings for these families.