Our organization was originally established as a way to meet the needs of children and young adults with special needs as well as their families. Here, we’ve collected all of the information a parent needs to sign up and stay current on everything Aaron’s Acres.

Resource Guides

Download the Berks County Resource Guide
Download the Dauphin County Resource Guide
Download the Lancaster County Resource Guide

Financial Planning for Loved Ones with Special Needs

Michael Butterworth, Butterworth & Associates Family Planning was a presenter at one of our parent sessions. He provided very helpful information about financial planning specifically for planning for loved ones with special needs. Click here to visit their website for more information or call their office at 610-775-8800.

10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for a Loved One with Special Needs

Summer Camp Parent Programs

In addition to our summer camp and school year sessions, we offer wonderful programs for the whole family that take place all year-round*. Sometimes it’s to unwind, and sometimes it’s for an extra layer of support. No matter the reason, our goal is to offer the same level of care and attention that we believe everyone deserves. Our family programs also provide the following:

  • Pampering sessions
  • Open communication with other parents of children and young adults with special needs
  • A much needed break from the normal routine
  • Educational discussions with professionals on important issues, such as:
  • Advocating for their children and young adults within the school system
  • Adolescence and puberty
  • Transitioning from school to work
  • Opportunities to meet other parents and create a support system

To meet your family’s needs, we’ll always be in your corner. Check out our calendar of events for even more updates.