A little help from some generous employees of Manheim Borough

Thank you to Barry and Lindsey (Manheim Borough employees) for helping Aaron’s Acres by keeping the flower beds at camp looking their best!

Throughout the years, Aaron’s Acres has been blessed with businesses, organizations and individuals who wish to partner with us and help us as we continue to provide programs to children and young adults with disabilities. Recently, we found two individuals who are employed by Manheim Borough weeding our flower beds at our camp site, a task that is not part of their job description. Barry, one of the workers, stated that he was extremely impressed with our staff and how they interact with children of varying abilities. He commented that 2 years ago, he saw a camper who had “many medical challenges” (i.e. requiring the use of a wheelchair, needing a respirator, and additional medical equipment). Barry then saw the camper in the pool on a raft, having fun, like any other child. He went on to say that the staff are angels who create such positive experiences for all of the campers. He and his co-worker wanted to help us in this way. Aaron’s Acres has connections with so many people within our community and we are grateful for every relationship.