Programs offered:

  • School Year
    • Younger group (ages 5-12)
    • Older group (ages 13-21)
  • Summer Camp
    • Ages 5-21
    • Camp Program
    • Aaron’s Acres Acts of Kindness (AAAOK) Program
    • A-Team
  • Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League
    • Ages 21-40
  • Parent/Family Support and Education Programs

Playing with friends and engaging in fun, recreational activities with peers should occur for all children, those with or without a disability. At Aaron’s Acres, we have year-round recreational programs, focusing on appropriate socialization and communication skills.

When exploring existing programs for your child, why choose a program at Aaron’s Acres?

  • Our supervisory staff is comprised of professionals (special education teachers and other related fields)
  • We maintain a 1:1 or 1:2 staff-to-child ratio
  • A nurse is on staff at all times to address any medical needs that might arise
  • Everyone is included in all activities, regardless of disability or challenge
  • Scholarships are provided to families in need of financial support
  • The Program Director meets with every new family as part of the application process, in order to become familiar with each child (strengths/weaknesses, likes and dislikes, capabilities, etc.)
  • All staff attend intensive orientation and training sessions, focusing on each child’s needs, planning age-appropriate activities, and becoming familiar with positive reinforcements, as well as behavioral interventions that could be implemented during year-round programs
  • Individualized goals related to socialization and communication are set and progress is tracked for participants with the input of parents, teachers and therapists

“I have peace of mind when my child is at Aaron’s Acres.”