Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! For so many children, it is an exciting time filled with sweet treats, costumes of every kind, visiting with neighbors, and being outside for a considerable amount of time. For other children, this holiday is met with anxiety or perhaps, a bit of a challenge.

There is a great deal of stimulation from the amount of treats, to the variety of costumes, to being around other groups of children who are going door to door, seeing some familiar faces but possibly seeing some who are not familiar and being outside as it possibly gets darker and colder. There may also be the physical challenge of navigating the neighborhood.

You may be discouraged, but rest assured that this night can be a fun one for children with disabilities too! It might just require some planning.

Here are 2 articles that were on the Red Treehouse Organization’s website. supports the well-being of families and children with challenges, disabilities, and health care needs. We help individuals find information and connect to resources in their communities, while providing a robust platform for professionals and organizations to list services and events.”

Here are some tips to help a child who uses a wheelchair have a fun Halloween:

  1. Practice the trick-or-treat route ahead of time.
  2. Consult with your neighbors ahead of time.
  3. Use the wheelchair to your advantage.
  4. Use the buddy system.
  5. Consider alternatives.

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Here are some areas to consider when preparing your child for Halloween:

  1. Trick or Treating
  2. Pumpkin activities
  3. Costumes
  4. Prepare for the night
  5. Know and follow safety rules

Although this information is from National Autism Resources, these helpful tips can be applicable to children with other disabilities.

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We hope these are helpful and you have a safe, happy and fun Halloween night!