Let’s hear from… Jesse at Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary!

A visit from our friends at Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is always an exciting time during summer camp! Participants and staff have the opportunity to act like, see and touch some of the reptiles that visit camp. We have seen both campers and staff overcome their fears, step out of their comfort zone and touch or even hold a snake, and we have also seen participants and staff ready to adopt or “borrow” their very own reptile after a visit from Jesse and his reptile companions.

Aaron’s Acres is happy to have such a wonderful partnership with Jesse and Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary. We look forward to learning about and making new reptile friends for years to come!

Check out what Jesse has to say below about partnering with Aaron’s Acres staff to curate the “perfect” experience for participants!

“Our mission at Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary is to give reptiles a chance. As a nonprofit animal rescue, we find homes for unwanted pet reptiles. As educators, we give thousands of families the opportunity to laugh and learn with our rescued critters at live programs every year. We love partnering with other mission-focused nonprofits, like Aaron’s Acres. I am always amazed by the level of care and commitment the staff show to the kids at Aaron’s Acres. We show up to educate and entertain the campers with 15 turtles, lizards, alligators, and snakes, which is a job that requires all of my attention. 

“I love that I can rely so much on the Aaron’s Acres staff to help me meet every child in the perfect way. If I ask the staff to help me choose a volunteer, they know exactly which campers would love the opportunity. I am amazed at the one-on-one attention every child receives from staff members during the show. And when campers are having a hard time, or need extra attention with something, I love how efficient and caring and patient the staff are at meeting every need. As an animal presenter, that frees me up to focus on the animals, and really have fun with the crowd.

“It is so fun earning their laughs and smiles during the show. We get to see the staff and the kids roll over and play dead like hognose snakes, to pretend to swim like alligators by wiggling their imaginary tails back and forth, to stretch out their arms and guess the full size of our African tortoise, and to try to lick their noses, in the same way that geckos can lick their eyes. We have so much fun with Aaron’s Acres. There is no challenge they cannot meet, and we look forward to seeing the staff and campers every year!”

– Jesse Rothacker, Director, Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary