Let’s hear from… New Castle Lawn & Landscape

At the end of March this year, a representative for New Castle Lawn and Landscape reached out to Aaron’s Acres about a partnership idea for the month of April. After speaking with Executive Director, Risa Paskoff, the team at New Castle felt as though our organization would be the perfect partner for their Autism Awareness campaign.

After coming up with this initiative, the New Castle Team had been searching for a local grassroots organization where the money donated went directly to the cause. The team was inspired by Aaron’s Acres ability to accept all children regardless of disability. No child is turned away due to any challenges or financial constraints they may have.

New Castle’s Autism Awareness Month fundraiser raised over $1,300 for Aaron’s Acres and children with disabilities.

Brad Stephenson, Co-Owner and General Manager at New Castle Lawn and Landscape, shared that he is grateful for what Aaron’s Acres does and the difference it makes in the lives of those we support. Brad’s wife works with children with Autism, so this cause is close to his heart and hers.

Brad described the team at New Castle as a group made up of people who enjoy helping where they can and giving back to the community. We could not agree more! They’ve been lucky to give to various causes and organizations, like Aaron’s Acres, over the years.

“From what I’ve seen and what I know now, Aaron’s Acres, it’s topnotch.”

— Brad Stephenson, Co-Owner and General Manager, New Castle Lawn and Landscape

We are so grateful to New Castle Lawn and Landscape for finding Aaron’s Acres and we look forward to a continued partnership with their business. Aaron’s Acres values community and enjoys partnering with like-minded businesses, companies and organizations, like New Castle, that feel the same.

About New Castle Lawn and Landscape

New Castle Lawn and Landscape is located in Birdsboro, PA and serves customers in Berks, Lancaster, Montgomery, Bucks and Lehigh counties. For the last 25 years, they have helped to enhance, maintain and preserve the quality of both residential and commercial landscapes.