Let’s hear from… the Co-Founders of Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League!

We were excited to introduce participants to a new Aaron’s Acres program this past fall, as we welcomed Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League!

After the league’s first season ended in November, we caught up with the co-founders, Randy and Bev.

Randy (co-founder and flag football coach)

Bev (co-founder, cheerleading coach and Chuckie Magee’s mom and)

1. What the relationship between Aaron’s Acres and the league has meant to you.

Randy: “Our partnership with Aaron’s Acres, in my opinion, was PERFECT. Seeing the passion from Aaron’s Acres staff and their excitement at what we do, tells me we made the PERFECT choice in partners.”

Bev: “What being a part of Aaron’s Acres has meant to me has been absolutely tremendous, being one of the founders of Aaron‘s Acres and what they stand for has been incredible. Knowing that there can be such growth with our league down the road because they are absolutely reaching out to individuals with disabilities… It’s tremendous! It it has been a season to join our flag football and cheerleading. I am so thankful and blessed! Having the Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League coming true… it’s tremendous!”

2. What did you enjoy about the season this year.

Randy: “Seeing the young adults having fun, playing 2 hours of action-packed football and hearing Lancaster’s Sweethearts cheering all game long and at halftime. Coming up with new cheers, incorporating music with the cheers. Except for that one song… I think they call it Fly Eagles Fly… but it should be Boo Eagles Boo…”

Bev: “What has been the best… watching my cheerleaders grow and excel this year! It didn’t matter if there were two cheerleaders or eight, it was always a super fun game, and the girls absolutely were having a blast during our season and getting back together and cheering for our Eagles and Cowboys.”

3. What are you looking forward to next season.

Randy: “Next season I want to see us expand and have more teams and Lancaster’s Sweethearts.”

Bev: “What I am looking forward to next season is more cheerleaders coming out! Watching our league grow in size which I believe it will! Just watching them. Have an amazing time again getting together as friends and some camaraderie. Another fantastic season to come in 2023!”

We can’t wait to see new and returning participants next season! We look forward to what awaits in 2023!

More about Chuckie Magee

Chuckie Magee attended Aaron’s Acres camp program when it was first established in 1998. Chuckie’s mom, Bev was a member of the founding committee of Aaron’s Acres. Chuckie greeted everyone with a huge smile and a warm embrace. He “just had” to say hi to everyone and make them feel comfortable at Aaron’s Acres! He was a camper for many years and passed away in 2015 at the age of 23.  

His memory remains with so many in the community. Having fun, being with friends, feeling excited and being happy describes Chuckie and also describes this program. 

If you’re looking for a fun activity with friends, consider joining the Chuckie Magee Flag Football League or Cheerleading program!