Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 101, with Aaron’s Acres

Over the past few years, peer-to-peer fundraising has seen a steady increase in popularity. We have seen the importance of these campaigns and are thankful to those who have held fundraisers like this to support Aaron’s Acres.

Did you know that you can support Aaron’s Acres through peer-to-peer fundraising all year long? Let’s dig in and learn a little bit more about “peer-to-peer fundraising”!

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an online fundraising effort that taps into individual supporters as fundraisers for a cause or organization. These ambassadors promote the fundraising campaign to their personal and professional networks of friends and family online. Rather than directly asking supporters and the online community for donations, this indirect approach to fundraising allows an organization to organically reach larger untapped audiences and boost its online visibility.

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is also known as:

  • P2P fundraising
  • Social fundraising
  • Team fundraising
  • Peer-based fundraising

Some examples of P2P fundraising include:

  • Facebook birthday fundraisers
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  • #GivingTuesday
  • Lancaster County Community Foundation’s Extra Give!

Peer-to-Peer fundraising can fall into several categories, some of which include:

  • Challenges
  • Giving Days
  • Events

Aaron’s Acres is excited to add P2P fundraising to its fundraising strategy! You may have noticed that in the past year, we have highlighted peer-to-peer fundraising and even held a few virtual campaign opportunities. In September we held a P2P fundraising event for older participants in School Year Program to attend Hershey Park Christmas Candylane with staff this December. Funds raised went toward the purchase of tickets and transportation.

This month we are holding a P2P fundraiser for Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League’s end of year celebration! Funds raised will go toward luncheon costs and awards.

Now that you know a little bit about peer-to-peer fundraising and have some examples, you may be asking yourself… “How is this different?” or “How does this REALLY help Aaron’s Acres?”

First, the organic and indirect way supporters are gained during a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is unique. It’s not about directly asking for donations. It’s about spreading awareness through our biggest advocates.

Second, participation in a P2P campaign is not just about donations! Receiving donations is an important part of peer-to-peer fundraising, but it’s not the only piece. Here’s how you can help Aaron’s Acres when you choose to participate in a P2P fundraiser:

  1. Donate. This is the most obvious option. Donate to the campaign and help raise funds for the cause. This helps to meet our goal and provide a special event, fill program needs, etc.
  2. Share. When you share the fundraising event on your social media accounts, you are raising awareness of Aaron’s Acres and growing our support base. People are more likely to engage with an online campaign when someone they know, and trust also supports the cause and actively advocates for an organization.
  3. Tell a story. Not only is sharing the fundraiser online important, but adding your personal touch also makes a difference. When sharing the campaign with your followers, add the reason you support Aaron’s Acres, share a personal story or appeal to why someone else should get involved. These stories are compelling and make a big impact when engaging with your online community.

Throughout the month of October, Aaron’s Acres P2P fundraiser is focused on providing a fun end of season celebration to wrap up the first fall season of the Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League. The League includes 25 flag football players and cheerleaders, ages 21-40. Participants meet every Saturday morning, August to November. The upcoming celebration will include a special luncheon and personalized recognition for each participant, including trophies and awards! If you would like to donate, please click below:

If you would like to share this event or tell your story, please share it with friends and family on your social media accounts!

Another upcoming opportunity to support Aaron’s Acres through peer-to-peer fundraising is Extra Give 2022 on Friday, November 18th! This event is Lancaster County’s largest community-wide day of giving. Aaron’s Acres will be located at various locations throughout the day, where you can learn more about our programs, win a prize, and donate. Donations are accepted online during the 24 hours of November 18th from 12am to 11:59:59pm, Eastern Time. Follow Aaron’s Acres on social media or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about where we will be on Extra Give and how you can best support our organization. We’ll also be sharing information about special opportunities throughout the day! Make sure to donate on November 18th or consider becoming a fundraiser and share your personal story! Learn more at

Remember, peer-to-peer fundraising is all about YOU and we cannot do it without you! It takes our entire Aaron’s Acres family and biggest supporters to advocate and share their personal stories with family and friends to really make an impact. Please consider supporting Aaron’s Acres this month during our campaign for Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League’s End of Season Celebration 2022, next month during Extra Give 2022, an upcoming campaign hosted by Aaron’s Acres or something of your very own, like a Facebook birthday fundraiser!