Restorative Yoga for Parents & Caregivers

Join Michelle from HARTZ Physical Therapy for restorative yoga specifically designed with Aaron’s Acres’ parents and caregivers in mind.

A special message from Michelle:

Hello Aaron’s Acres friends and families,

This restorative yoga video was crafted with you in mind, specifically to support you and your well-being during these challenging times. Find a comfortable space in your home and at least 2 pillows and 2 blankets to use as your props. A chair will come in handy as well. And I recommend you wear your most comfortable pajamas!

You will benefit from these restorative postures at any point throughout the day, but they are especially effective right before bedtime, as these relaxing positions help to activate the relaxation response of your nervous system and facilitate a deeper state of sleep.

To enhance your restorative yoga experience, please enjoy one of the Spotify radio stations included. My favorite is the instrumental piano station called Threnody.

I have two Spotify radio station recommendations that can be played in the background while taking the class.

My favorite one is this piano instrumental station:

And this one includes relaxation sounds:

My hope is you will carve some time out of your day to continue to take care of you during those brief moments in between taking care of everything and everyone.

Please be gentle with yourselves and each other my friends. We are all in this together and this too shall pass.

Be well,

Michelle Newman