Spotlight: York Divers

Aaron’s Acres’ A-TEAM has had the opportunity to work with York Divers for the last few years and it’s been a great experience for the campers and staff! It’s a unique opportunity for participants to try out scuba diving with the help of professionals in a local community pool!

Here’s what York Divers has to say about the experience:

“York Divers has been working with Aaron’s Acres Summer camp since 2018, giving them the chance to put on scuba gear and try it in the pool.

“We are constantly amazed at how the kids react to the experience of trying something new and something a little scary. Each year we, along with the assistance of the camp staff, are shown how truly amazing these kids are with their trust in letting us provide them with a different experience that is fun but also scary for individuals. They rise to accept the challenge of giving scuba a try and succeed at learning the skills we share to put in he gear and underwater to breathe, not a natural action for people. 

“Everyone is very appreciative of York Divers and the staff but honestly it is us that say thank you to the kids and crew at Aaron’s Acres camp for giving us the experience to with each of them and share our experiences. Those smiles and accomplishments mean so much to York Divers!”

This has been such a great opportunity for our campers and we look forward to many more years of scuba diving adventures to come!

Check out some photos below from scuba sessions over the years.