Supporting Aaron’s Acres with In-Kind Donations

There are numerous ways to support Aaron’s Acres throughout the year — and we are grateful to anyone who chooses to support our organization! Often, when selecting an organization to support, people think of monetary gifts, volunteer hours and special events. These are great opportunities to get involved and support our organization! But did you know there are so many other ways to support Aaron’s Acres? One of these ways is through in-kind donations.

In-kind donations are goods or services donated for one of our programs, special events, or even our office. An in-kind donation can include a variety of things, including; supplies, equipment, furniture, training, and more!

Cindy is a grandparent of an Aaron’s Acres participant. Cindy supports Aaron’s Acres by sending us supplies, such as copy paper and popsicle sticks. This is her way of giving back to Aaron’s Acres — the organization that supports her granddaughter!

“I try to support Aaron’s Acres, even though it is not much, because of the programs they offer those with special needs. I have seen first hand what these programs mean to the participants through my granddaughter. In particular, attending the camps in the summer has greatly developed her self-esteem and confidence. She has had the opportunity to experience activities that she otherwise would not likely have tried. She is able to step out of her comfort zone in a safe, supportive environment. And one of the most important things is that she has made and is making lifetime friendships.”

– Cindy Blankenship, Aaron’s Acres Grandparent

This is just one example of in-kind donations received by Aaron’s Acres and we are extremely grateful for this support and Cindy’s ongoing generosity through her connection to our organization. 

If you are interested in supporting Aaron’s Acres in this way, or any other way, please contact Aaron’s Acres at or (717) 917-6101.