Teens helping children with disabilities in Lancaster County

Let’s introduce the Aaron’s Acres Angels!

Within the last year at Aaron’s Acres, a group of middle school and high school students came together and created the Aaron’s Acres Angels. These teens all worked together virtually and came up with a fundraising event to support the programs offered at Aaron’s Acres for children with disabilities. From the very beginning, the members of this group planned and were responsible for all aspects of this event, from coming up with the name for this group to running the bingo event which raised over $1,600. The teens in collaboration with the Administrative Team then decided that the funds would be designated towards inflatable rafts and tubes for the campers when in the swimming pool as well as special celebratory desserts at the end of each session of camp for the summer of 2021.

Learning to work with one another, gaining leadership skills, working on social media to promote this event and then leading the community at the bingo fundraising event itself all took place during these last six to eight months during COVID. Lastly, the Aaron’s Acres Angels visited our camp program and were able to observe our staff and campers in action. Raising awareness about children with challenges and breaking down barriers among children and teens of varying abilities occurred during this past summer.

Beginning this fall, we are excited to continue the Aaron’s Acres Angels group and welcome teens between the ages of 14 to 17 who wish to help others and give back to our community.  Because it is a new group, we welcome teens who wish to have input in helping to decide this coming year’s activities. For more information, please contact Kate Mullen, our Director of Development and Community Relations, at 717-917 6101 ext. 105.