The Patrick Trimble Team

Aaron’s Acres has been fortunate to have many wonderful and ongoing partnerships within our community since it first began serving children and young adults with disabilities.

One of these special relationships has been with (local realtor and supporter) Patrick Trimble and The Patrick Trimble Team.

In 2013, The Trimble Team began supporting Aaron’s Acres through our annual golf tournament. That support continues today and the team has been our Event Sponsor for a number of years.

Additionally, The Patrick Trimble Team’s generous donations have enabled to increase the salaries of our counselors for our year-round programs.

As a realtor, Patrick and his team has a unique relationship with the community and its members. The Patrick Trimble Team even shares about Aaron’s Acres with this community. Patrick donates $100 to Aaron’s Acres for every home sold.

As of July 2021, Patrick and his team have donated $126,600.00 to Aaron’s Acres. At the start of 2020 we celebrated $100,000 to Aaron’s Acres from The Patrick Trimble Team.

In addition to raising funds to benefit our organization, the team’s involvement has brought tremendous awareness about our organization to the general community.

Patrick and his team have held an annual “crafts drive” to fulfill program supply needs, such as construction paper, piper cleaners and more. The team connects with Aaron’s Acres, but also connects their clients to Aaron’s Acres by asking them to participate and help provide supplies and materials.

The team has also held an annual movie event for clients, where not only is there an additional opportunity to raise funds for Aaron’s Acres, but our families and staff are also invited as guests to watch the movie event. The team’s innovative thinking last year turned this annual event into a drive-in opportunity so that there was still an opportunity for Aaron’s Acres to receive donations.

Everyone at our organization is most grateful for this relationship.

The support of The Patrick Trimble Team has truly allowed us to continue to dream and turn those dreams into reality!