AMBUCS, AmTrykes & Aaron’s Acres

Aaron’s Acres is fortunate to have a relationship with local AMBUCS chapters, which help provide AmTrykes to our participants.

Four different Aaron’s Acres participants were provided AmTrykes this spring.

“AMBUCS Mission is to “Inspire Mobility and Independence.” Our Lititz Chapter is always looking to partner with other local organizations that have similar goals, so working with Aaron’s Acres is a good fit. Our members feel like when we support programs at Aaron’s Acres, we are following out mission. We provide financial support for many of Aaron’s Acres’ programs and we also provide AmTrykes to many of their participants. AmTrykes are therapeutic, adaptive tricycles that are custom designed to adapt to each child’s disability. It’s wonderful to see a child’s face as they start riding THEIR bike just like their siblings and friends.”

  • Brian Dunmoyer – AMBUCS, Lititz Chapter

“Nationally AMBUCS has over 5,000 members in more than 150 chapters in over 30 states. AMBUCS’ Mission is “Inspiring Mobility & Independence”. Many chapters participate in the AMBUCS AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program. Our Lancaster chapter is committed to this program and have provided an average of over 25 AmTrykes yearly to kiddos throughout Lancaster County over the last 5 years or so. We provide these AmTrykes free of charge. Funding is obtained from our 2 annual fundraisers, as well as generous donations from our members and others in the community.”

  • Howard Livingston – AMBUCS, Lancaster Chapter

At the beginning of April, Jose Rodriguez, Mike Rohrbach, and Bill Saporetti picked up an Amtryke at the Lancaster Bike Shop, and delivered it to Jaxson’s home. Jaxson was there with his mother and the Executive Director of Aaron’s Acres. Jaxson got on his tryke and was very excited to see his new Amtryke. His mom was very thankful to Lancaster AMBUCS for providing Jaxon an AmTryke.

  • Bill Saporetti – AMBUCS, Lancaster Chapter

Aaron’s Acres’ relationship with the Lancaster Chapter of AMBUCS began after its President read an article about Aaron’s Acres. To date, they have provided 4 AmTrykes to our participants.

The Aaron’s Acres team and the families of our participants are always excited when an AmTryke arrives!

One parent became very emotional as she shared that her daughter had always wanted to bike ride with her brother and now it was finally possible! These moments are exciting for all of us at Aaron’s Acres and AMBUCS.

Thank you to the Lancaster and Lititz chapters of AMBUCS for providing new AmTrykes to our participants! We are grateful for this community relationship and support. We look forward to working with AMBUCS again in the future!