Elevate Your Senses – Yoga

Parents, join Michelle from HARTZ Physical Therapy for a yoga practice designed to activate your senses.

A special note from Michelle to parents:

My hope is you are all adapting and adjusting as best you can to what has been some of our most trying days filled with many ups and downs – in different ways than what we are normally accustomed to. There is no doubt we are all in this together.

This practice is designed to activate all five of your senses through a guided mindfulness exercise followed by a gentle yoga practice that will take you beyond your five senses and into the most peaceful part of your being. When we surrender to what is, rather than wishing things were different, we discover the most precious gift of all, deep beyond our five senses where contentment lives.

I hope this practice will help you feel in control of your well-being as you continue to give in to those things you cannot control.

May you find some contentment with what is and may you be well.