Extra Give 2021: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Extra Give is just 5 weeks away! Are you wondering how you can help support Aaron’s Acres?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to support Aaron’s Acres for Extra Give!

In case you need to know a little bit more about peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, here’s a quick overview: The idea of P2P fundraising is that when supporters of an organization like Aaron’s Acres share their personal stories with friends and family it reaches a larger pool of people than Aaron’s Acres would be able to reach on its own.

Become an individual Fundraiser! You can sign-up when you visit extragive.org and click “Fundraisers” under the menu bar or when you visit the Aaron’s Acres Extra Give webpage https://www.extragive.org/organizations/aaron-s-acres and click “Fundraise”. Aaron’s Acres already has an ExtraGive donation page and your personal P2P page would look very similar. When you sign-up to be a Fundraiser for an organization, it copies the basic information from the Aaron’s Acres page, like the header photo, donation levels and the link to give. As a Fundraiser you are then able to change/add/update things like a profile picture, your story and your fundraising goal. The profile picture will be blank when you first log in – you can change this to a picture of yourself or whatever you would like! You can go in and add your personal Aaron’s Acres story – this will be auto-set to “I support this organization’s mission and I want it to have a greater impact on the community”. You can also change the fundraising goal, which is set to $500. Additionally, you will be able to do things like make a donation, reach out and share with others, share on social media platforms and edit your personal thank you to donors on your page. The platform does walk you through step-by-step how to do each of these things. People can donate to Aaron’s Acres directly through your page. They do not need to be on the Aaron’s Acres main page. They are interconnected, so whatever donations you receive will be counted in the total for Aaron’s Acres.

We are asking that if you become a Fundraiser, you share your page with friends and family – it’s that easy! Whether that be through social media or email… and even word of mouth. It’s all about sharing in a way that brings awareness to Aaron’s Acres, your personal story and your fundraising page.


Aaron’s Acres will be promoting ExtraGive on Facebook and Instagram. But one way you can help us do this is with #igiveextra videos. These are short videos by people who support Aaron’s Acres explaining why they support Aaron’s Acres. Videos should be short and say something like “I give extra to Aaron’s Acres because…” or “I give extra to organizations that ……..and Aaron’s Acres is a great example”. You could also share a personal story as to why you give extra to Aaron’s Acres. If you are interested in seeing some examples, you can check our Facebook or Instagram page for some of the videos from last year.

Have fun, share your story and support Aaron’s Acres!

If you have questions, please contact info@aaronsacres.org.