Giving Back to Others: Going Beyond a Financial Donation

At the end of every year, for so many non-profit organizations, the focus is on the annual appeal and trying to raise funds to ensure the continuation of services and programs for the coming year. Donors contribute to their favorite organizations and hopefully, feel good about supporting them.

At Aaron’s Acres, we are most grateful for our donors who believe in what we do and chose to support us last year through financial contributions. Now, as we begin 2022, we focus our attention on providing meaningful opportunities for the community to become involved with our organization through various groups that have been formed at Aaron’s Acres. 

The financial donations allow us to continue our work; however, one of our priorities is to have people join us on our journey; these relationships are valued tremendously at our organization.

Listed below are several ways in which you, or someone you know, can become involved with Aaron’s Acres:


This group meets 3 times during the year, with one visit taking place at our summer camp program in order for the members to see what we are all about! As a group, they have the opportunity to decide how funds (collected from this group, as each member makes a $100 donation for the year) are designated in order to support our families and our programs. Anyone in the community is invited to join this group.


Individuals, ages 12-17, meet several times during the year and decide as a group on a fundraiser they wish to do in order to support our programs.  This group is led and driven by the members of the group with support from a parent volunteer as well as our Director of Development, as needed. In addition, they have the opportunity to visit both our school year program and our camp program in order to see what we provide for children and young adults who have disabilities. Raising awareness about people of varying abilities occurs as a result of this group’s experience.

Kathy Calvin, CEO and President of the United Nations Foundation said, “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”

Frank Guzzetta, the former President of Ralph Lauren Footwear, stated, “There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people in this great community”.

Whether one gives back to Aaron’s Acres or to another non-profit organization, one can truly make a difference in the lives of others and strengthen our community. Let this time, in the beginning of the year, create a path for all of us; giving in a way that speaks to us, and knowing that the giving is meaningful and impactful.

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