Year-Round Programs at Aaron’s Acres

Summer feels behind us as so many of us now turn our attention to the school year. Purchasing backpacks and school supplies has replaced playing outside all day and the possibility of summer vacation. 

At Aaron’s Acres, we are gearing up for our monthly school year program for individuals ages 5-21 with disabilities. This program begins in October and continues through May. Participants in the Older Adolescent Program, ages 13-21, can look forward to activities and outings such as Hershey Park, bowling and a corn maze. Participants in the Younger Children Program, ages 5-12, can look forward to crafts, group games, dinner and snack as party of monthly thematic programming at Millersville University.

The Chuckie Magee Flag Football & Cheerleading League started its first fall season in August and will continue through the beginning of November. Flag football players and cheerleaders ages 21-40 meet on Saturday mornings and socialize with one another while engaging in “a mean game of football” and cheering for both teams.

In all of our programs, staff focus on developing and strengthening socialization and communication skills. Taking turns, initiating a conversation, sharing, listening and following directions are just a few of the skills that are worked on during our programs. Having these recreational programs, in addition to attending school, ensures that children and young adults with disabilities have ongoing reinforcement of developmental skills, as well as the skills that they have already acquired but need to strengthen. Ongoing feedback can be provided to parents, as well as educators, and therapists who are involved with participating individuals about their progress in any of these areas.

The recreational programs offered at Aaron’s Acres are fun and exciting! They are also educational and therapeutic. Most of the participants simply enjoy the various activities and outings that are planned each month. Working on fine motor and gross motor skills in addition to socialization and communication occur through these “fun activities”. We see our programs as a win-win for everyone! Check out our programs and activities on our website! We invite you to join us and become part of Aaron’s Acres!

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